Policy on Accepting Donations

The Foundation shall accept all donations of cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. All other donations in whatever form are subject to approval in advance of acceptance by the Foundation's board of directors. Donations may be sent to our contact address.

Policy on Grant Making

  1. The Foundation has established a grant-making committee composed of Norman Marcus and Norman Oberstein. The grant-making committee reports its findings and recommendations to the board of directors from time to time as convenient.

  2. The grant-making committee seeks the advice and counsel of members of the board’s advisory committee and in its discretion uses such other sources of information and research as the grant-making committee sees fit. The grant-making committee establishes its own agenda and timetables for the making of grants subject to the approval of the board of directors, and meets from time to time as it determines in its own discretion.

  3. The Foundation will not accept or consider unsolicited requests for grants, but will consider letters of inquiry to determine the Foundation’s interest in the programs and purposes of any other tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity organization compatible with the mission and vision statements of the Foundation. Inquiries should be limited to two pages describing the organization and the purposes for which the requested funds would be used. If the committee on grant-making desires further information, it will issue a request for a proposal containing all the information in paragraph 5, below. There shall be no funding of an entity other than those described above and funding shall be limited to programs and organizations serving the needs of those in the United States.

  4. The committee on grant-making shall establish, subject to the approval of the Foundation’s board of directors, further guidelines for the timing of the making of grants, the amount of grants, and the maximum period of time over which grants will be funded. The Foundation favors grant applications devoted to programs which have the potential to beneficially impact the broadest American audience. However, the Foundation has instituted a small grants program for qualified 501(c)(3) public charity applicants in an amount not generally exceeding $10,000. The purpose of this program is to assist worthy applicants which primarily serve a local geographic area and the needs of that community consistent with the Foundation’s mission and vision statements.

  5. In any request for proposals made by the grant-making committee, the recipient shall be requested to provide the following:
    • the commencement date and history of the organization;
    • its stated objectives and purposes, and a description of the current services offered;
    • the geographic area served;
    • the organization's clients -- to wit, the targeted population;
    • background on the staff together with the skills and expertise of the same;
    • identification of the board members and their résumés;
    • any information concerning the organization's reputation in the community in which it serves;
    • the organization's balance sheet and budget and a summary of its fiscal management;
    • a statement of the proposed project or program and its goals;
    • a statement of the need being served;
    • a statement of the capacity to implement the proposed plan of action and the anticipated means to finance the same with an identification of source of funds and other donors;
    • the percentage of funds the Foundation is being asked to contribute to the particular program or project;
    • to what extent the organization is able to utilize the writings, tapes and/or music of Dr. Frederick Lenz (Rama);
    • and current IRS Letter of Tax Status and IRS Schedule A to Form 990 or 990-EZ, Public Charity Status and Public Support (download form here)

"Compassion allows us to accept everything. That is why there is always a tear in the eye of the Buddha that no one sees - for the pain and suffering of others. What matters is the welfare of others. And when you forget that, you forget what matters - and only when you remember that will Enlightenment occur."

Rama -
Dr. Frederick Lenz